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Traveler 360

Who is the Extended Business Traveler?

A commuter that does not relocate but travels frequently and for extended periods of time outside of their home country or state to conduct business. This includes cross-border commuters who commute between cities on a frequent basis and accidental expats who travel frequently on trips that inadvertently incur new fiscal liabilities.

Potential Risks for an extended business traveler

The evolving nature and complexity of an Extended Business Traveler assignment has left many companies scrambling to understand compliance issues in order to avoid a host of consequences, including penalties and business disruption. There are serious risks to not only your company but, the safety and satisfaction of your employees.

Traveler risks

Potential Company Risks:

  • Negative media coverage
  • Additional company taxation
  • Loss of opportunity for revenue for future business relations
  • Loss of investment in the business trip
  • Legal action

Potential Employee Risks:

  • Denial of entry into country
  • Penalties/fines
  • Mental/physical harm
  • Imprisonment

We can help manage your risk

As a global leader in the relocation and moving industry, we provide the expertise, technologies and most importantly, a consultative approach to help you develop a custom and compliant mobility program. Part of our solution offering is PinPoint Technology — a robust administrative interface that easily tracks thresholds for tax and immigration purposes. It monitors where your employees are, where they have been and where they are going — giving you and the the peace of mind to fulfill their assignment.


  • Interactive maps to highlight risk by country or U.S. state.
  • Load your employees from a spreadsheet.
  • Drill-down capability from maps — right to an employee calendar.
  • Bulk load your company travel data for analysis.
  • Run and save reports.
  • Use custom fields to track project teams.
  • Get automatic alerts for key events.

Traveler 360


You are always connected and informed



Leverage reports and dashboards to get complete insight into your employees’ business travel. Custom built reports and dashboards can be delivered to you via a web application at any time generated and provided as wanted. We will help interpret data and provide a recommended course of action to keep your mobility program compliant and your employees safe.


Help mitigate risk by being automatically alerted when a predetermined condition or threshold has been met. PinPoint will allow you to focus your time on other tasks and give you the necessary time to address any issues before they become a potential risk.

It takes more than technology software to build and maintain a compliant and attractive mobility program — you need a partner that will be an extension of your team. You need the expertise and ongoing guidance from a global leader like SIRVA. Find out what makes us different. To learn more about Traveler 360 or request a demo contact [email protected].






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