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SIRVA Advantage

The Largest Integrated Provider of Relocation and Moving Services, Worldwide

SIRVA is a leading player in the global relocation industry because we do things differently than everyone else. In addition to providing in-house relocation, mortgage, housing and settlement services, we also own several moving companies, each offering a variety of services. This means we're uniquely positioned to deliver every aspect of an employee's relocation through a single source. From home sales and immigration to the shipping, crating and storage of household goods, our Advantage team has a finger on the pulse of every relocation - every step of the way.

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Single Source of Accountability: Multiple Benefits 

SIRVA's unique service model gives our clients a single point of accountability for every component of the mobility experience, from letters of assignment to repatriation. Our seasoned consulting team helps shape each relocation program. Account managers serve as trusted contacts for clients. Relocation consultants guide employees with care and valuable destination services are provided, on-the-ground, in employees' new destinations. Whether moving one executive or an entire team, customized plans are carried out with efficiency and control, and all aspects of these plans are managed under one roof.

For our clients, this translates into a variety of benefits: 

  • By eliminating middleman services and fees, relocation costs are reduced, and transparency and performance are both elevated.
  • A dedicated account manager oversees every component of each relocation, ensuring quality throughout the process and leaving our clients' program managers with far more time to focus on other priorities. 

Benefits for employees and their families are equally significant, including:

  • Simplicity that results from working with a single, accessible relocation support contact.
  • Peace of mind, ensured by a streamlined process and efficiently communicated timelines.
  • Secure data management via a closed network, provided by a staff that is consistently screened.

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Unique Solutions for Every Mobility Need

The SIRVA Advantage team recognizes that every client is unique - and so is every move. This is why we never apply a one-size-fits-all approach to relocation planning. Instead, we work closely with our clients to select the services that will best meet their individual needs and budgets. Our goal is to become a partner - a valued extension of our clients' HR and relocation management teams.

Our domestic and global service capabilities include:

Advantage ServicesClient ServicesOrigin ServicesDestination ServicesOngoing ServicesTechnology Tools

Superior Technology and Personalized Service 

At SIRVA, we value the convenience and real-time reporting benefits of technology, but we consider it an enhancement of customer service - not a replacement for it. The ability to track expenses and monitor timelines keeps all stakeholders informed during a relocation; aggregate data on past relocations empowers clients to make better decisions on future ones. While our cutting-edge tools provide immediate access to relocation details and data, a dedicated SIRVA contact shepherds the process and is always on hand to provide timely support.

SIRVA Connect:

Advantage clients have access to an integrated, global platform that securely connects all stakeholders under a single framework. Our online portals offer program administrators, human resources, employees and suppliers distinctive tools to manage program requirements, measure expenses and performance, and to collaborate. All of our technologies are compliant with security and control certifications, assuring that client and employee information is secure. 

SIRVA Connect HR:

SIRVA Connect HR allows clients to authorize services, manage workflows and access real-time reporting information down to line-item detail.

SIRVA Connect Desktop HR

SIRVA Connect for Employees:

SIRVA Connect for Employees includes a portal that they can use to plan, manage and monitor their moves. In addition to providing moving and relocation tips, the site also allows employees to communicate with SIRVA and gain access to pertinent links from their company or to destination location websites. A personal, customized home page connects them to real-time program information, which helps them to stay on top of important milestones.

SIRVA Connect Mobile


The newest addition to our SIRVA Connect platform, SIRVAlytics is available on virtually any device. The program, provides a dashboard to our clients, containing everything a relocation manager needs to monitor and maintain a mobility program. Best of all, it provides them with data from past relocations, allowing them to make more informed decisions as they embark on new ones.  

Expertise That Mitigates Risk

When it comes to relocation, many companies don’t know what they don’t know. For an assignment to be successful, employees need to understand a new host country’s language, but also its cultural mores. Regulatory compliance in differing countries and regions can come with hefty fees and fines if handled incorrectly. Talent can be lost without knowledgeable repatriation support – rather than grown and maximized. 

Our Advantage clients rely on us for the knowledge and expertise that only an experienced, integrated moving and relocation company can provide. By partnering with SIRVA Advantage, they receive consistent, valuable guidance that reduces attrition and risk – and maximizes employee and company success.  

SIRVA Advantage clients benefit from:

  • Solutions tailored to their needs 
  • Free domestic policy services
  • Risk mitigation
  • Country and regional expertise
  • Innovative technology at their fingertips
  • A dedicated, single point-of-contact
  • Efficient implementation and program management
  • Transparency into relocation activity and expenses
  • Ongoing education and industry benchmarks
  • End-to-end reporting
  • Access to established and global moving brands

Your Solution to Every Relocation and Moving Need

SIRVA Advantage provides our clients with peace of mind, confidence, and the capacity needed to successfully plan and implement their mobility programs. They're also empowered to provide an outstanding relocation experience to their employees while delivering on their core responsibilities. If you're new to the challenges of relocation - or expect to move fewer than 30 homeowners each year - Contact one of our Advantage Experts today for more information about how SIRVA Advantage can do the same for you. 

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